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Creamy Tangy Lemon Curd Recipe

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Adjust Servings:
4 Egg XL
1 cup Sugar to taste
120g Unsalted Butter
3 lemons Lemon Zest
3 lemons Lemon Juice
3 tbsp Honey

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Creamy Tangy Lemon Curd Recipe

Creamy refreshing lemon curd to go with most breads, cakes, pastries and desserts.

  • 25m
  • Serves 30
  • Easy




I am introduced to lemon curd by a friend who made some with her thermomix and brought a jar to my place. I served it together with my orange chiffon cake and it went really well, giving the cake  a moist and tangy touch like a lemon frosting but made with eggs instead of cream. It was refreshing, especially after a rich meal. I find that this tangy custard goes well with a lot of stuff from a bread spread to frosting on sugee cookies to serving with yoghurt and fruits. I decided to search online for a lemon curd recipe and tried both by Ina Garten and one by BBC. Each has their merits but I prefer the one by Ina, but I adapted it slightly by reducing the sugar and adding some honey and I skipped on the salt.

I don’t usually have a sour tooth and I cringe at most things sour like lime juice but after a heavy meal, I sometimes have a craving for a refreshing and tangy dessert.

So I decided to make my first lemon curd for a little dinner party with a girlfriend who is pregnant and suffering from symptoms of pregnancy diabetics. She craves her desserts, but can’t quite have them and I thought I can make serve lemon curd with yoghurt as a dessert together with a small slice of lemon madeline with chocolate fudge, hoping this will be a healthy, refreshing, light and nutritious dessert that can fulfill her cravings a little. Good thing they loved it and she named my yoghurt lemon dessert a “lemon pie”.

Lemon curd pie with yoghurt

Then I made this dessert again but this time with blueberries and my sister said it tasted like a cheesecake mousse but way healthier. I will share the recipe of this Creamy yoghurt cheesecake recipe here. I also used it as a frosting for New York Cheesecakes and my friends loved it so much they have been demanding that I make it again. You can find my New York Cheesecake recipe here. So instead of the sour cream frosting, I used lemon curd and topped it with some fresh blueberries.In fact, I made a new york lemon blueberry cheesecake tart using the same cheesecake recipe but with a thinner layer of cheesecake and topped it with lemon curd and blueberries as well. Amazingly good.

Cheesecake mousse with lemon curd

I also love it with sugee cookies as it really gives a refreshing lemony touch to the otherwise rather sweet and rich cookies and I would love to have it in choux pastries and I am still perfecting my choux pastry. Any experts there, please feel free to drop me your tips.

First, let’s talk about making lemon curd. It is really easy and all you need is some patience to stir it over low heat. Or invest in a thermomix. Which is well, out of most people’s budget. So let’s do it manually and really it can be ready in 30 miuntes.

All you need is just some eggs, butter, sugar and lemons. If you have excess lemons and want to preserve them, this is one of the best ways to do it. Of course you will think that there is option of buying ready made lemon curds, but honestly, it is a simple recipe, keeps for a month and at least you know what goes into the curd and control the amount of sugar or lemon you want in there.


  • To grate the lemon zest, I use a micro-plane grater for very fine zest.
  • To stir, I use a good spatula that can clean the sides of the pan.
  • Always remember to use low heat and keep stirring till the mixture is thick. If you are worried that you will overcook the eggs, then use a water bath to cook.Simply heat up a pot of water and put a metal bowl over it where you cook your lemon curd.

cooking lemon curd 2

  • Taste as you go along to see if you want more sugar in. I add 2 tbsp of honey instead of just sugar to give the lemon curd a slight honey taste and smell. But it depends on the honey you use too.
  • Actually if you want to have them in 2 textures, you can. Cook till it is like a sauce and scoop some out. This is great to drizzle over pancakes, toasts and even ice cream or yoghurt. Cook the rest further, stirring constantly till it is thick and creamy. This is great for serving with breads, cakes, cookies, pies, puffs, etc.

Lemon curd recipe 2

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Melt butter in pan

Place a small pan over low heat and melt butter.


Add all ingredients

Add all other ingredients and stir constantly. Be careful not to let the eggs cook.
Scrape the base and sides of the pan with your spatula to prevent any eggs hardening on the pan.
Cook till desired thickness or till thick and creamy.


Cool and store

Allow the mixture to cool.
Store in clean and dry air tight jars.
Refrigerate and use anytime.
Store for 1 month.


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