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Juicy Curried Chicken Patty

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Adjust Servings:
300g Minced Chicken
1/2 Onion diced
1 portobello mushroom diced
1 stalk Spring Onion chopped
2-3 tbsp Potato Flour / Starch or corn starch
1/3 cup Oats rolled oats
1 tsp Sweet paprika Chinnata brand
2 tsp Japanese curry powder read above
2 tsp Cumin seeds toasted to release flavours
Salt to taste
Black Pepper to taste
1 Egg

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Juicy Curried Chicken Patty

Juicy chicken patties

  • 20min
  • Serves 4
  • Medium





Recently, inspired to use minced chicken as an ingredient after I tried lemongrass chicken sticks and they are super yummy! So I decided to try to make burger patties with it. Well, actually these are great to make into balls or patties or what not. Great alternative to the usual beef (which I do not take) or pork ones.

You can season in a wide variety of ways. I wanted to use up some spices I have at home so I just mixed in those. You can just do salt, pepper and abalone/oyster/mushroom sauce with some cooking wine too. I mean the flavours are really unlimited. Same as what you want to put in there.

But I think the key thing is sufficient salt (so that it is not too plain nor too salty), and sear at high heat first to seal the juices in. Then cooking it at low heat after to cook the insides just nice so that you release the juices.

Things that you can add include bread crumbs (I wanted to try oats as a friend told me about adding oats for some time but I never got round to it. I can’t really taste oats but it does feel healthier), shredded or tiny diced carrots, fish paste, shredded yam, prawn paste, firm tofu, sesame seeds, seaweed, etc.

But these curried ones are so fragrant and gives a twist of flavour no matter if you have it with burgers, rice soba noodles or on it’s own. Have fun exploring! For those that love some heat, you can definitely add some chopped chilli padis or add in some sambal belachan paste.

I marinate the chicken mix for a day but as this is minced chicken, just 20 minutes will also do the trick. Also, make sure you mix the chicken well such that it becomes paste like so that the patty will also have a nice, firm texture and not be crumbly.

You can keep the mixture in your fridge for 2-3 days and fry the patties fresh whenever you need it. I find it a very handy thing to have for prepping quick meals.

BTW, I got my minced chicken from Redmart. You can also try your poultry stall at the wet market to see if they mince it for you. Mine does not. You can also mince with a food processor. I have not tried to see how that texture will be like… Maybe you can let me know.

I got the curry powder mix from Daiso. And paprika I love this brand, Chinata. You can also use taco powder mix. It will also be very delicious. Or just do without and add other herbs and spices like Italian mix or some fresh herbs.

If making a sandwich or burger, the patty goes well with avocado, eggs, and onion jam. I will probably post on how to make onion jam next. This is so easy if you have a food processor. Otherwise, it is a lot of slicing work. Once you make a batch which is like 2-3 jars, it will last you quite a while.


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Prepare ingredients

Toast cumin seeds in toaster or in a hot frying pan till aroma is released.

Dice onions.

Dice portobello mushrooms in small but meaty cubes about 0.5cm.


Put all ingredients together and mix well

Add the onions and spring onions, mushrooms and chicken together. Mix well.

Then add egg and mix it in.

Add starch and oats and mix well to a sticky paste. If still too “wet” from the egg, add some more oats.

Add seasoning and mix in evenly.

Taste test: heat a pan with some oil and pan fry a small bite sized patty to taste. Adjust accordingly.

Note: always add salt a little sparingly and add on when necessary. If too salty, can add a bit more starch and oats.


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