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Healthy Vegetarian Soba Noodle Bowl

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Adjust Servings:
3cm diameter Soba noodles a bunch
1 small Carrot Shredded
1pcs Seaweed Unseasoned, big pcs, cut to small pcs
1 tsp Sesame Seeds Toasted
1 tsp Spring Onion
1 tsp Soy sauce
1 tsp Mirin
1 tsp Japanese Cooking Wine
drizzle Sesame Oil
3 tsp Water

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Healthy Vegetarian Soba Noodle Bowl

Refreshing, fast, tasty and so easy!

  • 5m
  • Serves 1
  • Easy


  • Sauce



I recently bought a packet of soba noodles as I have not cooked soba in recent years. Don’t know why. It is a dish that I usually order in Japanese restaurants when I am not too hungry or want something refreshing in our freaking hot weather and I really love a good bowl of soba noodles. I mean, how can anyone go wrong making soba noodles? Having said that, I do know of a chain of Japanese restaurant that does serves the noodles slightly soggy to me more than once. -_- I think that probably spoilt soba for me a little. Well, fret not! I don’t think anyone else can screw up boiling noodles….


Many of us may not be aware, but soba noodles are really good for you as it is made with buckwheat, which has many benefits like lowering blood sugars and it is gluten free. It is also a good source of protein and minerals like maganese, iron and thiamine. Soba noodles supposedly also have more fibre and less carbohydrate content than pasta, thus making it a low calorie alternative to pasta. However, as per all food, moderation is key here, so should still not be taken in excess. Also, it is always a good idea to read the labels of the packet of soba noodles you buy to ensure that they are made with real and healthy ingredients and not full of colouring and flavouring. So today, I am sharing a healthy soba recipe. And a very lazy one too.

Soba cooks very quickly and can be eaten hot or cold, making it great as an office meal. The recipe I am sharing today can be taken both hot or cold and you can easily make variations to what goes in with the soba to have different soba noodles.

I am a lazy cook, especially in the morning but I also love noodles. So this fast and almost no cook breakfast in the morning is a non-oily and healthy choice. Best thing is that I cook pre-cook the soba and pre-pack them into boxes for the next few days. So I only cook once!


What is important for soba noodles, is the sauce or the soup. My basic sauce is mixed with 3 basic sauces that most Japanese homes have and also what I used for teriyaki sauce. Can you make a guess? Haha… Yea yea, it is the 3 musketeers, soy sauce, mirin and Japanese cooking wine. In this case, on top of that, we add water. So one part of each sauce to 2-3 parts water depending on how strong you like it. You can add up to 4 parts water for a lighter taste and soupier taste. I add a slight drizzle of  sesame oil to prevent noodles from sticking together and also added fragrance. But this is up to you. For this recipe, the oil also helps in absorption of Vitamin A in the carrots.

Sesame oil is also a “warm” oil and will warm your stomach to balance the cold breakfast. You can also add a drizzle of ginger juice for warmth and zest. This is great especially for women who tends to feel cold.

japanese saucesginger juice


For this bowl of healthy soba recipe, I used carrots, seaweed, spring onions and sesame seeds. You an add an egg if you like, I was too lazy. Haha… For my mum’s lunch today, I made a bowl of soba noodles with onion omelette and stir fried kailan vegetables. So well, the possibilities are endless. This is a lighter option than rice.

All I have to do is cook noodles, run it under cold water for a minute or throw some ice cubes on and dunk it in a pot of cold water after cooking to chill it. (If you want to eat it warm, then just skip the cold water altogether.) Toss it with some sesame oil, shred some carrots, cut the tofu, cherry tomatoes, spring onions and seaweed (I usually cut up a bag worth so I don’t have to keep cutting each time). Then sprinkle some sesame seeds and drizzle the sauce. Ta-da! Ready! How easy is that?

Other things I can think of adding as easily are cherry tomatoes, tofu, tau kwa, even tau pok, or japanese sweet tau pok, fish cake, pine nuts, black garlic, shredded cucumber, shredded cabbage, raw broccoli, century eggs, ebiko, fish roe, fried egg, poached egg, flax seeds, wasabi, chilli (fresh cut or sauce), baby spinach, mashed avocado, shredded green mango, fish sauce, crushed peanuts, scallops, ham, chicken teriyaki, goji berries, etc…. I am getting hungry just thinking about these options! Haha.. So I better stop here. You get the drift.

Served with soud vide and pan seared duck and stir fried kai lan with mushrooms
Healthy Soba recipe bento box
Breakfast at work.

For other healthy, fast and yummy breakfast ideas especially for the office, you can refer here. We would love to hear your experience trying the recipes as well as your ideas! Do like us on our social media be it Facebook, Instagram or Google+.

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Boil soba noodles

In a pot of boiling water, add in soba noodles and cook till soft. About 3 min.


Shred carrots

While soba is cooking, prepare the other ingredients.
Shred carrots with a grater.
Cut seaweed to smaller pcs with a pair of scissors.


Mix sauce

Mix sauce ingredients together.



Run cooked soba noodles under cold water and add ice cubes to help chill if you wish to serve cold.
If to serve warm or room temperature, drain noodles and place in bowl.
Place carrots and seaweed by the side.
Top with sesame seeds and cut spring onions.
Drizzle noodles and carrots with sauce.


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