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Garlic Scapes with Tau Kwa and Prawns

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Adjust Servings:
1 bunch Garlic Scapes Cut to 5-6cm long
1 Tomatoes cut into 1/8 slices
1/2 pc Fried Tau Kwa rectangles and air fried
8 pcs Prawns shelled and deveined
1 clove Garlic minced
1 tsp Oyster Sauce
1/2 tsp Fish Sauce
1/2 tsp Hua Diao Wine
to taste Salt
to taste White Pepper
1 tsp Corn Starch
1/4 cup Water
2 tsp Olive Oil

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Garlic Scapes with Tau Kwa and Prawns

Aromatic, nutritious and tasty dish packed with protein, fibre and antioxidants.

  • 13m
  • Serves 4
  • Easy




I always called this Garlic Veg or 蒜菜 or 蒜花. So I did not know how to name this recipe in English until I found on google that it is called Garlic Scapes or Garlic Blossoms. This is not a vegetable that is commonly consumed. My dear husband didn’t quite know what it was because he has never really had it.


Truth be told, I did not quite like garlic scapes as a kid. It is better than leeks which I only started eating in recent 3 years thanks to Ed. But still not a favourite. It was not till I was in China that I started appreciating this vegetable. Well, now that I eat this and leek and bean sprouts, I think there is no vegetable that I know of out there that I do not eat…? Hmmm… I feel so grown up!!!

There is a lot to love about this vegetable. It is more fragrant than pungent as compared to leek, and has a crunchy texture and fragrant sweetness. And of course it is highly nutritious. This can also be used to replace garlic and green onions in your dishes.

Health wise, garlic scapes may increase the oxygen level in our blood to keep our organs healthy, and takes some load off our kidney and liver by protecting them from oxidative stress especially when attacked by toxins. They are also known to contain high levels of allium compounds, thus preventing osteoarthritis and keeping our bones strong. Being part of the garlic plant, they are also high in anti-oxidants and boosts our immune system. Apparently they are also anti-cancer, thanks to the diallyl sulphide in this green stalks.

So this is a vegetable that has been quite neglected and not something you can easily find in restaurants, thus if you do cook at home occasionally, this is one dish you should try to make for yourself. One of my favourite ways of eating it is to fry it with tomato, tau kwa and prawns. It also goes well with vinegar marinated pork slices as well as well as in fried noodles. Oh my… I am getting hungry thinking of this! Actually, I thought of this dish because I was working on my tau kwa story to share different ways to have tau kwa. For more healthy recipes, please visit our homepage.

Do share with us on what else you do with this healthy, crunchy aromatic vegetable. On a side note, it is quite easy to grow these. Just put some cloves of sprouting garlic (don’t throw those out) into a pot of soil and it will sprout into these. Well, if it is too little to eat, then let the flowers bloom and they are really pretty and these are edible flowers that you can use for food decoration too!

garlic scape flowers

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Fry Prawns

Heat up frying pan with olive oil and fry prawns till just cooked. Set aside.


Add garlic and scapes

Add a little oil into frying pan to heat. Then add garlic and garlic scapes. and fry over medium to high heat. Add tomatoes.


Season and slurry

Dissolve corn starch in water and pour in. Season with wine, oyster sauce, fish sauce, salt and pepper and bring to boil, stirring constantly.


Add in tau kwa and prawns

Add tau kwa and prawns into the frying pan and toss or stir constantly to coat them evenly with sauce.



Plate and serve with rice or porridge.


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