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Fruit Salad Recipe with Yoghurt Dressing

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Adjust Servings:
1 cup mesclun greens washed and dry
1/2 Red Fuji Apple cubed
6 pcs Almonds
4 pcs Walnut broken to smaller pcs
1 tsp Chia Seeds
1 tsp Ground Flax Seeds
3 tbsp Yoghurt
1/4 tsp Honey

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Fruit Salad Recipe with Yoghurt Dressing

Easy assemble yummy salad with a variety of texture and flavours

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I love fruit salads. The natural flavours and sweetness from the fruits just adds so much taste without any effort. But too much fruits can get too sweet. So I usually mix fruits with vegetables and nuts so we get a more interesting taste profile. For this fruit salad recipe, you can easily change the fruits depending on what is in the season and it will go well. Mangoes, pineapples, pears, blueberries, oranges, strawberries, you name it, they will go well with this recipe. Well, maybe not all fruits… Watermelon with yoghurt seems to go well… LOL…

My first fruit salad I made was a recipe taught to me by my helper when I was a kid. It was basically canned cocktail fruits with a dressing made of Nestle cream and I think some condensed milk. So it was really sweet. Fantastic in those days when I loved sweet food but I am not sure I can take that now.

There is a lot of talk about how salads are not that healthy once you have the dressing on. Well, it depends on what you have. There are so many yummy and healthy dressings out there. Yoghurt is one of them and it pairs well with fruit salads because of it’s tangy refreshing profile.

As mentioned, I like the fruits to be balanced by some other textures and tastes so vegetables, cheese and nuts are great as they are so easy to assemble, come from different food groups and in terms of taste, really complements each other. Fruits, cheese and nuts are always friends. Fresh leafy greens add some spice and helps to neutralise the sweet and tang of the fruits. Top with chia seeds and ground flaxseeds to add the power you will need to keep you healthy and strong for a stressful day ahead.

So there! A lovely and fresh fruit salad recipe great for any time of the day. Because it is so easy to assemble and so refreshing, I love to have this For breakfast especially on days that I need something sweet yet appetising. Discover other healthy and tasty 5 min breakfasts here.

Apple and nuts salad

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Assemble dressing

In a small bowl, mix yoghurt and honey well.


Assemble Salad

Layer greens, followed by apple and top with nuts and seeds. Drizzle with dressing.


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