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Try this Easy & Tasty Brioche Recipe

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Adjust Servings:
Mix 1
250g Bread Flour
5g Yeast
1 Egg
100g Milk
Mix 2
50g Unsalted Butter Cold
4g Salt
25g Sugar
Egg Wash
1 Egg Yolk
1 tbsp Milk

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Try this Easy & Tasty Brioche Recipe

Buttery goodness and so simple!

  • 3h20m
  • Serves 6
  • Easy


  • Mix 1

  • Mix 2

  • Egg Wash



After much trial and search, this is the best brioche recipe we have tried. It is fast (relatively) with very good results and really easy to prepare! We came across this video by French Guy Cooking just couple of days ago. He was viewing the video and you can tell he is excited. So today I decided to surprise him by baking it for him since he is pretty busy this week.

Brioche is a French bread that has a high butter and egg content giving it a rich and tender crumble that is fragrant like croissant but with a bread like texture and I just love the golden crust that is the pretty addictive…

Although it is a sweet bread, Brioche can be served both sweet and savoury. Sweet, it goes well with all sort of breakfast spreads. I love mine plain, with butter or with nutella. Ed loves his with peanut butter or plain. And it is extremely decadent and lovely to make french toast with this. That is the ultimate treat (which I intend to make later this week).

Savoury, brioche can be toasted and eaten with braised meats or with pates and foie gras or smoked salmon. I love mine simply with scrambled eggs or an egg mayo open sandwich or cucumber and smoked salmon salad (pictured below)

brioche recipe
Brioche open sandwich with smoked salmon, egg, cucumber, ebiko and avocado… somehow this picture looks rather 80s… Retro is in.

This Brioche recipe is so good I did not have to make any alterations though the second proof was much longer than he recommended. I will share the half portion recipe here as it will serve as a good reference for me since I bake for 2 pax and the full recipe will too much. Here is his youtube video demonstrating how easy it is.

I will recommend a loaf tin that is 7 inch ( about 18cm) long. Mine was 30cm long which will be perfect for the full portion.

For those who would like to do more with their brioche than a loaf, here are some ideas.

Brioche à tête: Divide the dough into 8, pinch off a small portion of dough from each half and set aside. Roll the large portions into balls and transfer into a fluted brioche tin or a muffin tray. Roll the small pieces of dough into round balls and place on top of the bigger balls to make a top-knot. Rise, egg wash and bake.

brioche a tete
Photo courtesy of lifebeautifulmagazine.com

Dinner rolls: Divide the dough into 16 portions. Roll them into balls, egg wash and bake on baking sheets. Place the doughs close to each other so that they will stick together after rising to make pull apart dinner rolls.

brioche dinner rolls
Photo courtesy of lepetitbrioche.blogspot.com

Hamburger buns: Divide the dough into 10 -12 portions. Roll them into balls flatten them slightly. Rise, egg wash sprinkle some sesame seeds and bake till golden brown.

hamburger brioche
Photo courtesy of lisaiscooking.blogspot.com

Hoagie / Hotdog buns: Divide dough into 12 portions and shape like got dog buns. Rise, glaze and bake.

brioche hoagie buns
Photo courtesy of www.specialitybreads.co.uk

Cinnamon rolls: Roll the dough out into a rectangle and spread a mixture of butter, cinnamon and sugar. Roll the dough up like a swiss roll and cut into 12pcs. Place in a tray, rise, glaze, bake.

brioche cinnamon rolls
Photo courtesy of krausnickitchen.com

After trying this brioche recipe, I am a convert on brioche too! I hope you will be. Of course again, this is a rather indulgent recipe…. So treat yourself once in a while. =)

For less indulgent but equally delicious bread recipes, click on the food tab and go to staples. Or go to your homepage and enter bread at the search button.

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Mix 1 together

Add the ingredients into a medium mixing bowl.
Using a stand mixer, mix them at low speed together till incorporated.
(Does not have to form 1 ball yet)


Add in Mix 2

Remove from stand mixer and add in items in Mix 2.
Mix on low to medium speed in stand mixer then once butter is melted, increase speed gradually.
Mix till you have a soft and silky dough that is totally non sticky.
Good indicator is when the dough starts pulling away from the sides of the bowl.


Form a ball and rise

Remove dough from the bowl, scraping down the sides and form into a ball.
Place back into the bowl and cover with a towel or cling foil.
Keep in a warm place in the kitchen and rise till double.
This takes about 1-1.5hours in Singapore.


Shape dough

Remove the dough from the bowl onto a clean table top.
Divide into 3 portions.
Roll or pull each portion into a long, thick sausage.
Put the 3 ends of the braids together and start braiding.
Place the braided dough into the loaf tin.


Second rise

Cover the loaf tin with a clean towel or cling wrap.
Leave in a warm (35C - 38C) place (I placed it on my stove top on top of the oven) for 1 hour or till the dough has doubled or reached the top of the tin.


Pre-heat Oven to 200C

Preheat oven to 200C with middle rack.


Brush with egg wash & bake

Mix the egg wash. Brush on the top of the brioche gently.


Bake for 18-20 minutes

Bake at 200C for 18-20 minutes or till top of brioche is golden brown.


Remove and cool

Remove the brioche from the pan and allow it to cool before storing.


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