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Decadent Creamy Chocolate Mousse Recipe

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Adjust Servings:
138g Milk Full cream
2 Egg Yolk
35g Sugar Fine
135g Bitter sweet Chocolate 55%
160g Whipping Cream >35% fat
15pcs Pistachios chopped
16pcs Blueberries

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Decadent Creamy Chocolate Mousse Recipe

  • 1h30m
  • Serves 8
  • Easy


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I love chocolate mousse. After running a chocolate confectionery factory for 8 years, I am more particular about my chocolate and don’t eat chocolate that much out of work. But desserts made with chocolate are still something I simply love. Chocolate cakes, chocolate mousse, chocolate ice cream… you name it and I love it strong and dark and sweet. So this creamy chocolate mousse recipe promises just that… Dark, sweet and intense. But don’t worry, it is not overly sweet.

So when I was at the factory, I started thinking to myself, I have all these chocolate, why not make some chocolate mousse? Especially since chocolate mousse in Fujian was totally lame. So I found a recipe on allrecipes and I used to make a chocolate mousse recipe that uses only eggs and dark chocolate and I honestly loved it because it was dark and easy and when frozen, it tastes like ice cream! This is less creamy because it does not use any cream or milk and less sinful in a way as it has less fats. But Ed feels it is not rich enough and too dark.

So I learned from Totts last year and made it a few times. It is also fairly easy, just more time consuming. But well, since everyone loves it, I keep making it upon requests. There are many ways to serve up the mousse. One is to simply pipe into little cups or shot glasses and top with crushed pistachios and a blueberry or two. Or if you are lazy, just pour into a medium sized container do whatever toppings you want on top. This can also be the filling for profiteroles, swiss rolls or any other cake.

The blueberries were frozen when we placed them on, thus the whitish coating. Not because we did not wash them well…
Make a little cut at the base of the profiterole and pipe the mousse in. Each bite is heaven…
Should add more mousse to the roll!

Anyway, this recipe basically involves making a custard with milk, yolk and sugar then add chocolate. Whip the cream and combine the two. Sounds easy right? Yeah, just that cooking the custard takes some patience and skill. Whipping the cream is a little tricky for some people too. Personally, I have over whipped my cream too many times because I got bored waiting and wandered off. Only to come back and find butter and whey. -_-

Tips on cooking the custard:

Cooking this custard requires a lot of patience as you have to do it slowly to prevent curds from forming and end up with scrambled eggs! If you are not confident, can do this over a bain marie. But I am not so patient, so I will usually do it directly over fire using a heavy bottom saucepan so that the heat distribution is better and keep stirring. Cook till this is thick such that when you lift the spatula and use your finger to swipe a streak across the custard on the spatula, the streak remains and does not merge back. Too wet a custard, your mousse will be too heavy and watery.

Tips on whipping cream:

For the amount needed for this recipe, it whips pretty fast (under 3 minutes) so please stay there and keep your eyes on the cream. Use cold cream and whip at top speed. Once you see deep streaks forming pause every 10-20 seconds to test the stiffness or stop and use hand to give it a few last whisk.

Once the cream starts breaking (you will see clumps starting to form) then you have over whipped and on the way to making butter and whey. When that happens, just keep whipping till you have butter. Separate from the whey and herb it if you want and pack into little portions using shrink wrap to shape.

This is really a fairly easy recipe once you get the custard and whipped cream right. Have fun and enjoy the lovely chocolate mousse.

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Boil milk

In a heavy saucepan, bring milk to boil gently.


Combine yolks with sugar

Combine yolks with sugar by whisking them together till sugar is mostly dissolved.


Pour some milk to yolks

Once boiled, remove from heat and slowly pour half into bowl containing yolks. Stir to combine.


Combine yolks with rest of milk and cook till thickened

Pour yolks and milk mixture back into saucepan to combine with rest of milk and turn on low heat to gently cook the mixture. Keep stirring with a spatula to and curds from forming. If any curds form, break it up with the spatula or sieve the mixture once completed. Refer to blog for more notes.


Melt chocolate in mixture

Once thickened till the custard is no longer runny, remove from heat and add chocolate into mixture, stirring till it is totally dissolved. Cool the mixture in the fridge of on counter top till at least room temperature.


Whisk cream

Once chocolate mixture is at room temperature, whisk the cream on mixer or by hand at top speed till thickened and stiff. Refer to blog for tips.


Combine cream and chocolate mixture

Using a spatula, combine the chocolate mixture with cream and mix evenly.


Fill container or piping bags

If serving in small glasses, fill the mousse into a piping bag. Snip off the end and placing the tip almost at the bottom of the glass, pipe into the glass, moving the tip up slowly as the mousse flows. Once filled to desired height, tap the glass gently to remove air bubbles and even out the surface of the mousse.
If filling a large container, simply pour mousse into container and the container on table top to remove air bubbles and even out the surface.
Once completed, chill in fridge for at least 30min. Top with crushed pistachios and blueberries before serving.


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