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Apple oatmeal with Rock Sugar

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1/3 cup Oats Quick cook
2/3 cup Water
1/2 Red Fuji Apple cut to cubes
1 small cube Rock Sugar

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Apple oatmeal with Rock Sugar

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Cooked oatmeal with apple or apple oatmeal  is a simple oatmeal recipe from my mother. I think she started cooking this after learning it somewhere in an attempt to make me eat my oats more happily. But I remember it became quite often when I could not eat raw fruits at one point as it will make me cough. Doctor said it is ok to eat cooked fruits. So mummy dearest will cook this for me so that I still get to enjoy the nutrients from fruits.

According to TCM, it is actually healthier to eat cooked apple as it is not so cooling for the body and it is actually very nutritious. I am not sure if my doctor is just trying to make me feel better for missing out on fresh fruits. In any case, I am always happy to eat cooked apples. =)

Plus, adding apples to oatmeal is better than adding more sweeteners to make it tastier. Apples are packed with fibre, vitamin C, flavonoids and potassium even after being cooked.

For choice of sweetener, I prefer to add a little rock sugar whenever possible compared to other sweeteners like sugar, honey or maple syrup because it has a lighter sweet taste that does not overpower. It also dos not leave a sour aftertaste in your mouth like how some sweets do. Furthermore, rock sugar has health properties in TCM and Ayurvedic medicine. Honey although relatively healthy is not suited for use at high temperature as the heat will kill off some of the nutrients, making it less beneficial. But of course, choice of sweetener is up to you.

Apple Oatmeal is a quick, tasty and healthy breakfast or even dessert to satisfy a sweet tooth without being too sinful. Can be served warm or cold. This is a very simple and refreshing recipe that I hope more people can enjoy. I prefer it to be simple in taste, so no milk or cinnamon for me. But you can add these for a more robust taste.

I have used other fruits like canned peaches, honey pears and blueberries, as well as just topping with nuts and dried fruits. However, Oatmeal with Apple and rock sugar is still a favourite for me and I guess brings back some nostalgia. Actually for my Daocheng hike, we had oats with freeze-dried strawberries and apples with honey for our first breakfast in the wilderness. When camping during hikes, you just want to travel light, cook fast and eat nutritiously and this totally fits the criteria.

For me, the crunch and sweetness of the apples makes the otherwise soggy looking and tasting breakfast a lot more appetising and interesting. My mum succeeded in getting me to eat more oats more willingly with this simple apple oatmeal recipe.

Anyway, feel free to try different stuff in your oats. Actually Ed prefers to have his overnight oats if it is with fruits, or cooked oatmeal with water, Peanut Butter and dried fruits. Honestly, peanut butter with oatmeals really grossed me out at first. But after tasting the gooey paste, I must say that it is quite nice though I don’t usually eat it because I feel it is pretty high in calories. This is his favourite campsite breakfast which is fine as we will usually be burning a lot of calories after.

There is really so much you can do with oats. For more ideas, please refer to my post on Oats.


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2 min

Cook apples

Add water and apples to a pot over medium fire and cook till apple is slightly soft.

3 min

Add Oats and rock sugar

Add oats and cook on low fire till soft. Stir to ensure oats does not stick to pan and cook till rock sugar is completely dissolved.

Serve warm.


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