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Amazing Flourless Chocolate Cake

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Adjust Servings:
4 Eggs
45g Unsalted Butter
120g Bitter sweet Chocolate 55%-60% in small pcs
1/4 tsp Cream of Tartar
1/4 cup Sugar
Sprinkle Sea salt
8tsp Grand Marnier rum, bourbon or martel
Whipped Cream
1 cup Heavy Cream >36%
2 tbsp Powdered Sugar Icing Sugar
1/8 tsp Vanilla Paste
handful Blueberries

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Amazing Flourless Chocolate Cake

Super moist, light yet decadently chocolate cake that melts in the mouth! So good, you don't need a fudge!!!

  • 1h45m
  • Serves 8
  • Easy


  • Whipped Cream

  • Garnish



How do you like your chocolate cakes? I love moist chocolate cakes that are chocolate-y, not too sweet and light. I don’t like cakes too coylingly sweet or rich such that you feel sick half way through.  It must taste like good dark chocolate, chocolate but soft. I think I found my favourite chocolate cake recipe with this amazing flourless chocolate cake.

I have a go-to cheesecake and tiramisu recipe and I have been looking for the perfect Chocolate cake recipe. A cake that will satisfy my cravings that I absolutely love having.  Ironically, despite running a chocolate factory for almost a decade, I do not have such a recipe! I LOVE chocolate desserts!!! I have a go to chocolate mousse recipe, a go-to chocolate ice cream recipe, a recipe for warm chocolate cake even and of course chocolate confectioneries (although I don’t do those at home because my home fridge is just too crowded and I guess I am sick of making chocolate confectioneries). But then, I have tried many chocolate cake recipes but they are all just not quite as good. I tried a recipe with sour cream and that was almost the one if I serve it with Lana cake frosting. (I will share this recipe next time) This is the chocolate cake recipe to go to when I want one with a frosting I guess. Until I tasted a particular flourless chocolate cake.

I have been seeing flourless cakes around the internet but never felt compelled to try it as no one I know is gluten intolerant and well, I always thought it will taste not as good. But I was so wrong. Compared to the other chocolate recipe with the lana frosting, I must say that this flourless chocolate cake is much easier and tastes as good maybe better! Uses way less ingredients too!

The reason why I decided to try was because I had a very impressive flourless chocolate cake at Humpback located at 1 Bt Pasoh. (BTW, they have a super good oyster deal that you can check out). The cake looks fluffy and dry but melts in your mouth instantly like u have a chocolate but do not feel as “jelat” or overwhelmingly rich. It is really a cake to remember and definitely my favourite place for chocolate cakes now.

humpback flourless chocolate cake
Sorry for this picture. We forgot to snap before eating. =P

So after that delicious flourless chocolate cake, I immediately went online to look for recipes. But from the reviews of these recipes and looking at the methods, most seem to yield a more fudgy, brownie like cake. I wanted something that looks deceptively light but tastes moist and melt in the mouth. At least something that still looks porous and not dense.


Truth be told, I have been playing with many alterations of the recipe to try to get the same melt-in-your mouth effect. But I can’t! =( However, what I achieved is still one of the best chocolate cakes I had so I think it is good enough to deserve a post and for now, it will be my go-to chocolate cake. I have made it for families and friends and at parties and so far it has gained a lot of fans, especially the version I am sharing.

Flourless Chocolate Cake 1
Cake overflowed the top of the pan but after shrinking slightly, it maintained a good shape.
Flourless chocolate cake
Notice the fudge-like top of cake? Effect of water condensation after “steaming” the cake in the cake box.

One of the challenges of making this cake is to control the collapse. After all, there is no flour to give structure. In some of my attempts refining this recipe, I had the cake collapse horribly at times, but the lucky thing is that the taste is still amazing. But despite all, basically the cake had collapsed unevenly almost every time…. So I am still on quest to correct this and I hope some of you experienced bakers out there can help me. Nevertheless, collapsing issue aside, the cake tastes amazing.

Flourless Chocolate Cake 2 slice
The cake without the “steam” effect… so top is dry and not fudgy.


Uneven collapse problem resolved with use of a chiffon baking tin. The cake shrank still, unstoppable when it is flourless, but at least it is still neat and even. Just that I probably need a smaller chiffon tin or bake a bigger cake. =P Cake texture is still light, fluffy and spongey but just wish I have more height to bite into! So addictive, I am fighting compulsion to finish entire cake at one go… It is very much like chiffon, but a little richer (butter).

flourless chocolate cake

The thing about a flourless cake is that it is more moist and that works extremely well for chocolate as it brings out the fudgy goodness when it is in the mouth and makes it all the more chocolatey. So much so that you just do not need any frosting! It is so good on it’s own. This is just the perfect cake for someone like me who prefers naked cakes (no skill lah…)

The trick to a very moist cake is actually to cover it up once it is almost cool, so that the moisture condenses on the surface of the cake. But be careful that you do not over do it or it may end up like a pudding. You just want the top to be a little more fudgy but the insides to still be cake-like.

We also serve the cake with a splash (about 1 tsp per slice) of Grand Marnier on top to give it a light touch of alcohol to complement the chocolatey goodness. This of course is only for adults. We have also tried Martel and it works well too. In fact, my bro accidentally poured Martel all over his chocolate cake and ended up having Martel with chocolate cake but well, he totally enjoyed that.

But when we serve it at parties or to guests, it does look nicer (not so lonely) if we add some freshly whipped cream and berries (strawberries or blueberries) by the side.

flourless chocolate cake

Fresh Whipping Cream is AMAZING!!!!

I wanted to do a note on this as I am never a fan of whipped cream. I will typically remove the cream. We recently bought a siphon from the Phoon Huat sale as I wanted to foam sauces etc (yeah, I know fancy pants, but well, just experiment mah….) and Ed suddenly made Choux pastry and wanted to try filling with cream. So I made a whipped cream with the siphon and let me just say that it tastes AMAZING!!!! Super fresh and light with vanilla and a light sweetness. Totally not fatty or oily or jelat tasting at all! In fact, the chocolate one (made with cocoa powder and powdered sugar) is sooooooo addictive I can finish a bowl before Ed can stop me. It tastes like soft serve ice cream!!! Technically, this is healthier than ice cream because it is just heavy cream, some powdered sugar and real flavouring and it makes fruits so much sexier…..The taste of the cream made the siphon a totally worthwhile investment already! Though now I have another food that loads on my calories… -_-

In fact, some friends who were at first hesitant about the cream by the side asked for extras after. LOL… But the thing is we noticed the cream starts getting a bit more curdled and fatty tasting after we dispense it from the siphon the next day. So despite websites saying that the cream is good for 10 days in the siphon… I will only serve it fresh to guests and we only eat it till next day.

If you do not have a siphon, you can whip the cream with a mixer. But this usually requires bigger portions and is a little tricky as you may end up with butter if you overwhip. I would not even consider the whipped cream that comes in canisters selling in supermarkets. Those are the very reason why I was never a fan of whipped cream.

If you do not have a siphon, then you can use the stand mixer method that Alton Brown uses here.


I am happy with this cake. It is delicious in it’s own way and definitely is a keeper and I will still bake it for parties or when I have a craving. My mum loves it so much she keep badgering me to bake it and even asks me for recipe (mum does not even enjoy baking) But to achieve that melt-in your mouth texture I tasted at Humpback… That will be a different cake and I am still looking for that. Do share if you have a recipe on hand like that. =)

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Preheat oven to 135C

Preheat oven and place rack in middle.
Temperature may need to be adjusted slightly depending on your oven.


Separate egg yolks and whites

Separate egg yolks and egg whites placing both in large mixing bowls.
If using a stand mixer, place egg whites in mixer bowl.
You can scrape the egg whites out to another mixing bowl after it is stiff and add in yolks or use a separate mixing bowl (if you have) for the yolks. Always do the whites first.


Grease pan with butter and baking sheets

Grease a 6 inch chiffon pan with butter and line with baking paper on base and sides.
Grease on baking paper again with butter for easy removal.


Melt chocolate and butter

Fill a small sauce pan half way with water.
Place chocolate buttons or cut cubes and butter in a metal bowl and sit it over the water bath. If base of bowl touches water bath, use low heat. I the base of bowl cannot possibly touch the water, use high heat so that steam can touch the base of the bowl and warm it.
Once you see the chocolate starts melting, start stirring.
Once chocolate is 50% melted, turn off fire and continue to stir continuously till all melted.
Remove from water bath when chocolate is 80% melted.
Add sea salt.
Once totally melted, set aside.


Whisk egg whites

Using a whisk or whisk attachment, whisk till soft peaks.

Add cream of tartar and sugar.

Whisk till stiff peaks.


Whisk egg yolks

Using a whisk or same whisk attachment, whisk egg yolks till pale yellow and foamy.


Stir chocolate into egg yolk

Using a spatula, stir in chocolate slowly into egg yolk.


Fold in egg white

Using a spatula, fold in 1/3 of egg white into the chocolate- yolk mixture.
Once incorporated, fold in another 1/3.
Rotate the bowl in one direction while folding to help in even mixing.
Then add the last 1/3 of egg white.
Once evenly mixed, pour batter into the spring form pan.


Bake for 60-75m

Place baking tin on middle rack of oven and shut door gently.
Bake for 60-75 minutes
Insert a skewer or skewer into the middle of cake. Cake is ready once stick comes out clean.



Turn off oven and leave oven door few cm ajar leaving cake to cool in oven for 20 minutes.
Once it is cooled and shrunk slightly from sides of pan, release pan clip and de-mould cake.
Remove baking paper on the sides and slide off from base tray onto a cooling rack or cool on base.
Leave base baking paper on or after depending on preference. I usually leave it on.
TIP: for more moisture in cake, cover cake up 20 minutes after cake is out of oven so that remaining moisture is trapped in cake. Stay covered for 15-30 minutes till the top is slightly moist.
Open the cover slightly to let excess moisture evaporate.


Serve with grand marnier

Serve warm, room temperature or cold.
Add 1 tsp of grand marnier on each slice of cake before serving.
Serve with whipped cream and blueberries by the side.


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