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Healthier Rice Substitute – Oatmeal recipe

Everyone knows how Oatmeal is supposed to help combat heart diseases as it helps to lower cholesterol It is high on fibre and low GI. Thus,I was surprised to see on a recent Harvard Study that Instant Oatmeal has a pretty high GI while oatmeal itself has a low GI. I think they are referring to instant oatmeal with sugar and other sweetness added.

As a kid, I have always eaten Oatmeals in a sweet form – usually with rock sugar or condensed milk or fruits or in desserts like muffins and pancakes. Yes, these are tasty ways to eat oatmeal and make it appealing especially to kids. But recently, I discovered that oatmeal can be eaten savoury too.

Recently I met a chef who was explaining to me how Oatmeal is really the healthiest food out there because it acts as a brush for your intestines, cleaning out the gunk. And mentioned how oats can be savoury too and it actually tastes better (than sweet). So I went online and saw some Western savoury oatmeal recipe and decided to give savoury oats a shot but the Chinese way – with cai xin guan (pickled vegetables), pork loin slices and diced vegetables (long beans and carrots) so it is like a mixed porridge thing and hopefully the pickled vegetable should make anything taste appetising… And it turns out super yummy, fast to cook and best of all, so healthy! I never ate oats faster. LOL….

Unlike how we have to brew porridge for so long, this really was quite instant. Really fantastic for meals that you want to prepare in a jiffy. A healthy and tasty fast food! Ed actually said it was good too and he usually frown at pickled veg as he feels pickled veg is just unhealthy with all the salt. So it is an achievement to get his approval on this one.

The next day, I decided to cook it with just water and eat it like plain porridge with other dishes and OMG it is so easy and tastes like congee!!! Done in under 3 minutes and so much healthier than rice porridge and not as “jelat” as sweet oats.

Try it and hey, this is a convenient, not too expensive and healthy rice replacement that you can easily whip up quickly. Great for weekday dinners too. I will be trying to add it into my western soups next to give it more texture and make the soups more filling.

We also love having oats when we are camping. Due to the shorter cooking time, light weight and versatility. Furthermore, it is healthy and provides quite a bit of energy and nutrients.

So in summary, I have listed some ways I usually have oats below. Click on the links to see the Oatmeal recipes.

Who says eating healthy has to be boring? I love variety and well, everything in moderation. After all with all the changing research findings on what is good for you and what is bad for you nowadays, just eat a little of everything and enjoy life! Moderation is key! Do share on what ideas you have on oats or any questions and I will try to help.

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