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11 Healthy & Tasty Breakfast Recipes under 5 minutes

I am sure we all heard how breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But how many of us are guilty of skipping this meal daily? I used to miss breakfast because I don’t have time to eat in the morning. I am the type who rather sleep till the last minute and I don’t pass by any breakfast places before I reach office. So I started developing a habit of not eating breakfast.

According to medical research, breakfast is important as it supplies energy to start our day (considering the last meal you had was at least 12 hours ago), and helps in weight control and improved performance and focus. Well, who can focus when your stomach is growling right?

Studies also show that eating a healthy breakfast (as opposed to the kind with kaya bread or fried bee hoon) can help give you:

  • A more nutritionally complete diet, higher in nutrients, vitamins and minerals
  • Improved concentration and performance at work
  • More strength and endurance to engage in physical activity
  • Lower cholesterol levels and blood sugar

Furthermore, starting your day with a healthy and nutritious breakfast already helps you hit all the necessary dietary requirements for a healthy body. Talk about starting the day right.

I am the type to sleep till the last minute and rush in the morning. So one strategy is to prepare the breakfast night before, or keep to simple assemble only, or quick cook breakfasts in the morning. So here are some quick and healthy breakfast ideas that I make regularly before heading to the office, usually spending no more than 5min in the morning. Note: Some of these require a little preparation at night. But if you are willing to spend 10-20min, it will of course open up even more possibilities.

The thing is, it is easy to grab a kaya toast or a slice of cake or curry puff at the canteen in office. But not only is this highly unhealthy, it is also not cheap. I already eat out for lunch and sometimes dinner. Breakfast is actually one of the simplest to prepare and to eat healthy because portion usually does not have to be a lot. Somehow over recent years, I have developed the habit to eat a refreshing salad, or if something more filling, then a ham sandwich or oats for breakfast. Think it started with the time my office was in Tuas and there was no canteen in the building. Trying to grab all the brown breakfasts (buns, fried bee hoon with all the choices of fried stuff) from the MRT station took me at least 5 min and can cost me a bomb (economy bee hoon is really not economical at all!!!!!). So why not just bring from home? Better quality ingredients, tastes good and way healthier.

In my quest to eat more healthily, I am also trying to drink more water. So now, I usually start my day with half a glass or 1 glass of water at home then have my breakfast in the office (reading emails or sitting in meeting) with another drink, usually water, tea, honey or apple cider vinegar with honey. That is 1/4 of the required water intake even before my day is in full swing.

1.Power packed Refreshing Quinoa salad – Vegetarian

This is a breakfast packed with all sorts of goodness – vegetables, tomatoes, walnuts, almonds, avocado, cheese, chia and flax seeds and dried fruits. For days that you want a light but nutritious meal. For those who wants some animal protein, feel free to add a poached egg, smoked salmon, tuna or cut ham.

Healthy breakfast Singapore - Quinoa Salad

2. Savoury Oats with Pork Balls and Century Egg

Who knows that you can whip up congee in under 3 minutes. And it is a healthier version no less! By switching rice to oats makes this a low GI (sugar) and high fibre dish that tastes as smooth as the rice variation. Perfect comfort food for cold mornings in the office.

Healthy breakfast Singapore - Pork oats porridge

3. Healthy Ham and Cheese Sandwich

I love ham and cheese sandwiches. It was my favourite afternoon tea snack when I was 10 years old. Older now, this is an upgrade of the classic sandwich by adding a tasty salad within and using a more interesting and healthier multigrain bread. Layered with creamy avocado, juicy tomatoes, fresh greens on top of the ham and cheese, enjoy a gourmet sandwich prepped in 5 minutes.

healthy ham sandwich

4. Tuna and Apple Sandwich

Another classic refreshed with basil, apple and coriander. Instead of using mayonnaise, try the tangier, lighter sour cream, sandwiched by 2 slices of soft wholemeal bread for the added fibre. The umami of the tuna with sweet apple and fresh basil and tomatoes makes this sandwich a light and satisfying meal.

Healthy breakfast Singapore - tuna and apple sandwich

5. Tomato and Pepper Gazpacho – vegetarian

What better way to start a hot Singapore morning with a refreshing cool soup? Simply blend tomatoes, peppers and cucumber and season with olive oil, salt and pepper. Tangy, sweet and fresh, served chilled. Top with a shrimp and serve with a multigrain toast if you want to dine with more finesse.

Healthy Breakfast Singapore - Tomato and Pepper Gazpacho

6. Apple, Nuts & Salad Greens with Greek Yoghurt & honey dressing

Add some greens to the usual fruit and yoghurt combo to make this a more balanced meal. Top with nuts, chia seeds and ground flaxseeds to add the power you will need to keep you healthy and strong for a stressful day ahead.

Healthy Breakfast Singapore - Apple and nuts salad

7. Fruit & Nut Overnight Oats

We all know that oats is good for us. But we usually give it a miss in the morning as we have no time to cook it in the morning. Now not only do you save on the cooking, you also get to flavour up with yummy strawberries and crunchy nuts, chia seeds, passionfruit, dried cranberries, flax seeds with your choice of full cream milk, soya milk or almond milk.

Healthy Breakfast Singapore - overnight oats

8. Sugar snap pea and Parmesan Warm Salad- vegetarian

Crunchy sweet peas with burst of cherry tomatoes, flavoured with parmesan and pine nuts, topped with a poached egg. This is a warm breakfast that is simple, fresh and sweet, that starts your day with a good dose of fibre and proteins. Can be add on a side of multigrain toast to eat with the runny egg.

9. Warm Oatmeal with Apples

This is a sweet, fruity cooked oatmeal recipe that is also simple and healthy. You can top it with some almonds and walnuts before eating to give it an additional crunch. This is another comfort food for mornings you want a warm breakfast.

Healthy Breakfast Singapore - Apple Oatmeal

10. Hummus with bread and Vegetable sticks

Hummus takes only 5-10 minutes to prepare and once prepared, you store in a container and can be used at any time. So I will usually prepare a large container of it and scoop out half a cup each time, drizzle with olive oil, add some paprika and flaxseeds and serve it with bread, 1 carrot and 1 cucumber cut into sticks (or if I am even lazier, just wash and eat whole). Supper yummy, refreshing and nutritious.

Hummus recipe with flat garlic bread

11. Healthy Soba noodles

Healthy Soba Recipe

Made with Bukwheat, soba is quite a healthy noodle packed with more protein and minerals than others like pasta. It cooks in 3 minutes and can be eaten hot or cold, making it a perfect lunchbox staple. Eat it with meat or vegetable, left overs, or fresh. The options are unlimited. Here, I share a really simple, healthy, refreshing and fast to prepare (that is so important!!!) breakfast option for those who want a savoury pick me up in the morning. Open your lunchbox looking like a chef but no cooking skills required!

Some of you may notice that there are a lot of repeated ingredients here in the different dishes. Quinoa, chia seeds, ground flaxseeds, etc… Well, you bought them so gotta find ways to use them too right? The point is also to show you how these power food can be easily added to our daily diet.

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